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Hand Painted Turtle Pot

Hand Painted Turtle Pot

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Leaves Laughs Love

Handmade in small batches and individually hand-painted

Please feel free to follow Leaves Laughs Love on Instagram and TikTok for insight into the creative process.

Concrete Hand-Painted Turtle Planter

Size: 3 inch Height x 3.5 inch Width x 4 inch Length  (2 inch diameter opening x 1.5 inch depth)

Drainage Hole: Yes

Comes with 1 plant pot & 4 felt bumpers to protect planter and furniture. 

Once set, each pot is machine and hand sanded to smooth under surface and edges. Every order is packaged carefully using eco-friendly packaging materials. 


Please note:  While we do our best to minimize air bubbles, impurities, and variations in color, minor imperfections are expected due to the nature of concrete, making each planter unique in its own way.

  • Shop name: Leaves Laughs Love
  • Business address: Florida, United States
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